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First off let me say that I appreciate and like it when I see artwork or read a story that is original and thought provoking. It shows me that there is still a breath of fresh air out there amidst all the stagnation that seems to plague the entertainment industry and the overall world of art. Seeing someone take the time to flesh out a solid piece whether it be a painting or a story is inspiring. Which brings me to the rest of Deviant Art.

I understand the need for creativity and exploration through storytelling and character creation. However most of what I see are badly developed anime inspired teenage half-humans that are either orphaned, had their family killed, are the last of their get the idea. That's not to say those tropes are bad. Classic stories like "Beowulf" and "The Illyad and The Odyssey" used the archetypal tragic hero plot line that was overused at the times. The thing with those stories though is that they were grounded in how people actually react emotionally. Most of the OC characters I see these days are more reflective of their writers that it ends up being less of a fabled narrative and more of a self projection from the author. The problem is most OC characters are made by teens that have never fully experienced life. It becomes more of a juvenile self reflection and comes across as a cry for help rather than a compelling character. I cannot even count how many "He is 17, he's a rebel but this 16 yr old girl is in love with him, but he has to fight to avenge...something" I've come across here. What I see is motivation driven by hormones. At that age yes, we are driven by our hormones. However there's more to a good character than seeking revenge, being in love or whatever else teenagers think is the most important thing to people. Twilight is not good storytelling. The story of Helen of Troy comes to mind though. She was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Her vanity got her abducted by Paris. He was less in love more obsessed with her. Even her later husband Menalaus was more infatuated with her as an object. That is better storytelling because it shows the flaws of what makes us human.

And now for fan fiction. I am very tempted to simply rant about how useless and pointless fan fiction is but I will try and stay coherent. Fan fiction falls in the realm of parody. Some people can argue that the creators of certain stories should be the only authors while others say stories are a shared medium and we all contribute. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. Yes stories do belong to their creators but we also partake in the passing of time. When people try to insert their own motives into a story or characters they no longer "respect" the story. Fan fiction is less about examining the plot and characters and more about "well if I WROTE IT, it would go like this." That is a very selfish and disrespectful approach. Most fan fiction writers do try to stay true to their source material but their lack of feeling and actually knowing the character makes it dis-genuine. Expanded Universe writing in which a new author will WORK WITH the original author is a much more heartfelt and genuine approach. Now of course this isn't easy to do and it shouldn't be. Lets face it, most people are terrible at writing and conveying a decent story or compelling plot. Most of DA falls in this. People here are too nice though and think everything is good. I'm sorry your "Supernatural" fan fic with gay Sam and Dean is utter garbage and outside the realms of that story. Usually fan fiction writers are creatively vacant. They have no original ideas and must latch onto the creations of others while making that creation suit their personal needs. Guess what? That's not good story telling, that's self projection. You have made the story less about the the actual well...story and more about yourself. Another thing with fan fiction is that 90% of fan fiction writers showehorn in some love story. Why? Does every character in the history of everything have to have some forbidden love interest? Are fan fiction writers really so lonely and desperate that their only connection to an interpersonal relationship is to make one up using pre-existing characters? For once I would like to see a fan-fiction writer give regards to the original author as either a part collaboration or work through permission that actually feels like a genuine side story or continuation.

In conclusion, take yourself out of your characters and be original. Here's hoping there's a widespread ban on Sonic The Hedgehog characters.
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